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Motivation to Lose Weight & Exercise, Part 3: Clarity

One of the best ways to lose the motivation to follow through on any goal is by getting confused. If you are confused about any part of your plan, that's where you'll hit a wall. Think about it... this is a long-term goal. After you lose all the weight you desire, you have to stick with a similar healthy lifestyle or risk gaining your weight back. That's where most people fail. They successfully lose 10 or 20 pounds (or more) by jumping, enthusiastically, into an exercise and healthy-eating … [Read more...]

Motivation to Lose Weight & Exercise, Part 2: Honesty

Seriously, you're not going to do anything that you don't want to do. So let's not pretend you're excited about going on a diet and starting to exercise if you're not. Before you start any kind of diet and exercise program, it's important to start with a little honesty. Otherwise, everything you do, going forward, is on shaky ground. Not a good place to start. Simple Steps to a Swimsuit Body Ah...nope. That's not what this is about. And if that's the only reason you're reading this, you … [Read more...]