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How Low Self-Esteem Affects Goal-Setting

I recently posted a Motivation Quick Tip on the Behavior and Motivation Facebook Page. This prompted an interesting conversation that I thought exposed some important points about low self-esteem and how it effects the way you set goals. The following is a transcript of that conversation. Motivation Quick Tip:  Better to focus on one goal that means a lot to you, then many goals that are only casual desires. Shawn:  Scott, see if you agree with this definition: Low self-esteem is defined … [Read more...]

Smart Goal-Setting Ideas

There will always be a goal or a couple of goals that are most important to you, like finally losing weight and keeping it off or getting more exercise; quitting smoking or paying down debt; going back to school or getting a new job; saving for retirement or buying a new home. These are the kind of goals that would make the biggest difference in your life if you were to achieve them. These are the goals you'll want to give the most attention to. But make sure you're only setting goals that … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

There are many methods for goal setting and to be honest, most of them fall short. The trick is to find a method that fits you. But it's more than that. It's also important to understand that the process of setting goals should be a flexible one because you won't accomplish some goals and that's okay. For instance, what if you set a goal to buy a specific TV by the end of the year and three months after you set the goal, you learn the TV has been recalled due to a bad part? You either have to … [Read more...]

Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes – A Lesson in Empathy and Patience

CHAPTER ONE:  Years ago, I worked at a catering company pulling orders for the people who drove snack-filled catering trucks around to local businesses. Every day, I would draw order sheets from a wire tray, fill the orders and put them aside to be collected by the driver. Since some drivers were very nit-picky, our rule was to always draw the top order sheet-no digging in the stack for a friendlier driver; you get who you get. Chuck was a big guy, strong, and kind of quiet, most of the time. … [Read more...]