Finding Moments of Your Perfect Day

If I asked you to describe what a terrible day would be like for you, do you think you could do it? Personally, I’ve never met a person who couldn’t. I’ve noticed that people are very clear about what they don’t want to happen in their lives. I’m sure that most people would rattle on for hours about things that would make for a terrible, worst-day-of-your-life scenario.

People aren’t always so clear on what a perfect day would be like. They tend to be pretty general and vague about it, saying things like, “well, the weather would be perfect”,  “I’d get to relax”, “my house would be clean”, “I’d get to spend some time reading”, or “I’d spend more time with my family.”

One day, while washing up some dishes, I began thinking about what my “ideal day” would be like. I noticed that some of the things I already do in a typical day wouldn’t change at all. So I was ALREADY living my ideal day…at least partly. But the sad thing was, I never noticed those moments because they were wedged in between moments that were not a part of my vision for a “perfect day”. Was I throwing  away these perfect moments? Maybe I was closer to living my ideal day and ideal life then I realized. Had I been sleeping-walking through some of the best moments of my life?

This realization had a big impact on me; a shift had occurred in my awareness. When moments came around that represented part of my vision of the ideal day, I started noticing them. I began giving my full attention to those moments and started consciously enjoying them. Mindfulness was the key. Those moments became vibrant, real, and I saturated my awareness with them.

I also began seizing opportunities to do things that included “perfect” moments. Now, these moments show up every day…and I am aware. What about you? Do you think it’s possible that you’re already living “perfect” moments but you aren’t even noticing them?

If you’re not grateful for the moments in your life that are already perfect, you’re not fully living them.


  1. Hi Scott!

    With what’s been going on with the world nowadays, it IS important for us to stop and appreciate every single moment in our lives. After all, we never know when it would be our last.

    Simple yet profound post Scott. Hope to see more!

    Tariq and Shaheera
    Tariq and Shaheera´s last blog post ..The Breakup Kit- A 30 Day Journey by Tariq &amp Shaheera

  2. Good post Scott,

    I personally try – when I have time – to plan out my day in my head as I’m waking up or preparing for work.

    When I have time it helps. When I’m rushing I find myself off center and unfocused.

    Keep up the helpful posts.
    D R @ Motivating Minutes´s last blog post ..Quote 14 – JFK

    • D,

      I have the same experience…when I’m really busy, I don’t find myself noticing the good times and, therefore, don’t enjoy them as much. Thanks for the comment!


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