A Day Of Intention: 24 Hours To A Better You

What would happen if you kept one intention on your mind all day? What would your day be like if you woke up with a single theme for the entire day, something you want to improve in yourself or just be more aware of? We all have our rough edges we would like to smooth out. Perhaps you have a quick temper. Maybe you focus too much on negative possibilities rather than the positive ones. Maybe you’re too quick to judge people and you want to change that.

No matter what character flaws you believe you have, improving them doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. In fact, the more radical the change you are trying to make, the more important is to chip away at them a little at a time. It’s easier to adapt to small changes rather than big ones. Our worst behavioral traits are usually ingrained as lifelong habits that we developed when we were young and are now reinforced by the way we think and act on a daily basis. But there is a simple way to begin turning that around. Here’s the strategy:

First Comes Desire

Before you can change anything about yourself, you must have an honest desire to improve it. If you’re trying to change something about yourself that others want you to change, you’re not going to get very far. Your desire must be genuine and honest. It must come from deep inside yourself.  If you really want to change, then the behavior or thought process you want to change will be fueled by your desire and will generate it’s own motivation.

Next Comes Intention

When you’ve identified a rough spot in your life that you really want to improve, you’re going to want to set an intention. But in order for this to be effective, you’ll want to start your day off by setting this intention the moment your feet hit the floor. Literally, sit on the side of your bed and state your intention, aloud, if possible.

Intention Examples:

  • “I will remain calm no matter what.”
  • “I will do what is important to me.”
  • “I will look for the positive in all things.”
  • “I will live and act as my better [or higher] self.”
  • “I will not raise my voice to my children.”
  • “I will only eat healthy food today.”
  • “I will not judge others.”
  • “I will not drink alcohol today.”
  • “I will eat only when I’m hungry.”
  • “I will practice happiness.”
  • “I will be on time.”
  • “I am mindful.”
  • “I will not lose my temper.”
  • “I will stay focused.”
  • “I will be organized.”
  • “I will say ‘no’ to things I can’t or don’t want to do.”
  • “I will keep my word.”

While sitting on your bed, be sure to sit up straight, lift your chin a little, and state your intention with confidence and deep conviction. This is a powerful and amazing process. And the ability to do this is inside you at all times, waiting for you to tap into it. So this is how to create a solid foundation for your Day of Intention.

Now Do It Again

So you’re off to a great start because you confidently affirmed your self-improvement intention for the day. Now, as you go through your day, pause frequently and either silently or aloud, reaffirm your intention. Each time you do, make sure you’re standing or sitting in an upright posture. Put your full attention on the words you are saying. Don’t just throw out the statement between a flurry of other activities. Make it count. Each time you repeat your intention, you are recommitting yourself to it. You are tapping into your desire and deep conviction once again.

Journaling and Final Intention (Optional)

If you are making a long-term commitment to one specific intention, you may want to include these two optional steps. First, start an intention journal. Every evening, after living a Day of Intention, spend a couple minutes writing down your thoughts regarding your day related to your intention. This will help you zero in on what worked and what didn’t. Next, at the very end of your day, sit on the edge of your bed and state one final intention. This time, it will be your intention for the next day. For instance, if your intention was “I will live and act as my better self”, you might state, “Tomorrow, I will live and act as my better self.”

Living a Day of Intention might be the most powerful way to change your life and it only takes 24 hours to begin seeing results. It might finally give you the leverage you need to turn the corner and begin to feel like things can get better. And if you ask me, that’s pretty exciting.

If you think living a Day of Intention could be life-changing, then please spread the news by sharing this article with the world. And also share your experiences of living your Day of Intention so others can be inspired by your effort. Best wishes!



  1. This article comes to me on a day I could really use it. Dealing with an extremely difficult customer, this day could’ve really gone off the rails – instead, it’s my intention to have a good day and with this reminder, you bet I will.
    Amy´s last blog post ..Trimming those pesky nails!

    • Amy, I’m sorry that you had a difficult customer. I hope you ended up having a wonderful day. Intention is everything. 🙂 PS Hug your dogs for me and tell your hubby I said hi. 🙂

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