A Little Mindfulness Goes A Long Way For Creating Special Moments

Family fishingDid you know that, with a little awareness, you can make ordinary moments very special by being mindful and recognizing how priceless every moment is? It’s true. By being fully present in any given moment, you can become fully immersed in events when they are important to you and this will help you appreciate them while you’re experiencing them rather than waiting until they are memories to look back on.

As if that isn’t great enough, you can also make special moments for your kids, customers, co-workers, friends, and anyone you meet the same way. All of life is special and every moment contains a seed of magic that only takes mindful awareness to activate it. It’s a direct path to happiness and fulfillment.

When you’re paying attention, you can take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise have missed. Such as taking your kids on a random ice cream run or to the park to throw the Frisbee around.

You can invite a co-worker to lunch or buy him or her a drink from the vending machine for no reason at all. Or invite them for a spontaneous walk break with you and share in some comraderie.

How about giving your spouse an hour off to relax and do something for her/himself, simply for pure enjoyment? You take care of the everything else so your spouse doesn’t have to worry or think about it. Giving your spouse an hour to relax is creating a priceless moment, no doubt about it.

If you’re with a customer, pay them a little (but sincere) compliment about something personal, like their clothing, hair, kindness, thoughtfulness, promptness…basically, appreciate them. Or perhaps buy THEM a drink from the vending machine or offer a cup of tea. A simple act provided with genuine goodness will stand out to anyone as being memorable.

When a special show is in town, you could surprise someone with tickets to go see the show or just go do something fun and unexpected. If you’re out geocaching, canoeing, shopping at the mall, or doing anything at all, bring your mindful awareness into the activity and look for ways to make it special for those who are with you and you’ll all experience some memorable and very special moments.

When you’re living each moment in full awareness, you can begin to customize your experiences and the experiences of others. You can create memories for them to look back on fondly. And by doing so, you’ll surround yourself with positive energy and people who look to you as someone who makes them feel good to be around.

And that’s a life worth living.


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