A Life of Fulfillment

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

As far as I know, da Vinci was no sleep expert. But this simple idea has far more to do with living a fulfilling life than simply how to get a good night of sleep. We all go through periods where we feel like we’re just spinning our wheels, not getting anything done. This can lead to mood swings, depression, or just an overall dissatisfaction with our lives. But what does that have to do with sleep?

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had a busy day, but accomplished a lot of meaningful things, I feel like my day was, as da Vinci put it, “well-spent”. There’s no doubt that when I go to bed after a day well-spent, I feel uplifted and fulfilled by my accomplishments. And when you string several days together that are well-spent, it can lead to a deeper satisfaction for your life.

Let’s look at another possibility. What if your life was spent watching TV for hours every day, or surfing the Internet, playing video games, or constantly texting or talking on the phone? At the end of the day, do you think you would feel  more or less fulfilled and satisfied with your life? Well, after one day, maybe it’s not a big deal, but after several days, weeks, or months, you might start feeling restless or maybe depressed and not understand why.

The key is to fill each day with value. Think of it like a checking account. When you make regular deposits of money, it feels great to see your balance growing. You feel secure and satisfied with your account. But when the balance is low and getting lower, it makes you nervous. When it drops into the negative, full-blown stress ensues. But how do you make positive deposits into your life account? Spend time doing things that uplift yourself and others, rather than wasting time or doing things that make you or others feel bad. What would your life be like if you spent time every day doing things that make you happy, make you feel satisfied, or grateful?

You cannot over estimate the value of a life spent in the service of others or in living a constructive and uplifting life. It’s like jumping into the direct flow of happiness. The sense of contentment you experience at the end of each day gets magnified over several days or more; each one adding to growing satisfaction and fulfillment that you’re feeling. And this, in turn, creates an energy of compassion and gratitude within, and touches everyone around us.

When I rest my head on my pillow at night, one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings I can have is to think I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. And this is, to me, a day well-spent.


  1. Tommy j stump says:

    Very nice my friend

  2. Glad to see you back posting again! I find a key part of feeling like a day was ‘well-spent’ is rising early and getting things done before other people get up, so that by the end of the day, when you might be running out of energy a bit, you’ve already done so much it feels fine to kick back a bit and just relax. Personally, I get up VERY early, but I suppose it depends on your sleeping pattern and if you are a ‘morning’ or an ‘evening’ person.

    • Thanks! My absence was due to selling my house and moving. Also, my blog redesign. Nice to get back on track.

      I also get up very early. Unfortunately, it’s for my day job. But there are those days when I’ve gotten an early start and get a lot done, like what you said. And it feels great. Presently, my wife and I have regular meetings to check in and make sure we’re on track with our various projects and To-do list items. It’s so easy to get distracted by the flashy lights of the Internet. LOL But checking in with each other regularly helps a lot.


  3. For me, this is an example of synchronicity! I’ve been delving into a very similar truth and formulating a concept in which ANY action we take in our life towards completing a task or meeting a larger goal–even when we don’t feel like it (and ESPECIALLY when we don’t feel like it)–generates creative energy. We tend to compartmentalize “creative energy” only in the area of the arts and music, but this isn’t so. Creative energy is what drives us to move forward. Action creates energy. Inaction creates inertia.

    When I’ve fully fleshed this out, I’ll let you know! 😉

  4. Dear Scott,

    Thanks a lot for your such a simple,easy but affirmative way of explaining how to overcome some common challenges of life.All your writings are very inspiring & helpful.

    Believe me you are making a difference in common man’s life. Keep going!

    Best wishes xx

    • Dish,

      Your words are very meaningful to me. Thanks for taking the time to tell me how you feel. It’s so nice when someone takes the time to reach out like you did. And it’s great to know that my words and ideas are being helpful. Thanks so much!


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