Brain Dump: The Joy Junkie Show

From time to time, certain things push through the noise of daily life and grab my attention. Right now, there’s a new podcast that has landed squarely on the front of my cerebral cortex and I’m pretty excited about it. So I thought I’d share the love and pass it on to you. I think you’re going to really like it.

The Joy Junkie Show

There’s a new podcast that you should listen to if you want to be educated and entertained by someone who doesn’t sugar-coat the truth. Amy E. Smith (a.k.a. The Joy Junkie) provides life and love coaching “for badasses who (almost) have their shit together.” I was excited when my friend, Amy, announced that she was starting a podcast. She’s got attitude, energy, and she’s a lot of fun. But beneath all that sass-appeal, she feels called to radically impact the lives of others for a greater good. I love that about her! You can learn more about Amy at The Joy Junkie website.

Brain Dump: The Joy Junkie Show, and Happiness at WorkNow, more about the podcast. I listened to the podcast and instantly loved it! In fact, I broke my own rule of never rating a new podcast. Most new podcasts have rough first episodes…in fact the first several are pretty rough. So I like to give them time to season a bit before I rate and comment on them. While there were a few minor (very minor) technical issues that I noticed, I could easily see where this podcast is going…straight to the top of iTunes! No kidding! I jumped all over it and rated it after only the first episode.

In the first episode, Amy, and her husband and bad-ass co-host, Mr. Smith tackle “How to Get Your Needs Met” and from my perspective, they were spot-on! They talked about real-life and how to deal with it. Amy has the experience, and intelligence to carry the podcast solo, but I have to admit, I literally laughed out loud several times during the episode listening to Amy and Mr. Smith carry on. Not only that, but it seems that Mr. Smith brings out the best of Amy. His input adds to what would already have been great content.

If you make it a point to listen to The Joy Junkie Show (and you should), you will always walk away with knowledge and techniques you can put to use right away. She’s the real deal, folks! To give you a little more of an inside scoop about Amy (and to have a little fun), I asked her a few questions before writing this. So check this out:

Q&A with Amy E. Smith (The Joy Junkie)

Scott:  What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Amy: I actually don’t have one. But, up there on the list would be Borat and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Favorite TV show though? Definitely Dexter. Or maybe Game of Thrones.

Scott: If you could hang out for an hour with one person (living or dead), who would it be?

Amy: Alanis Morissette. Hands down. And I have a harmonica signed by her.

Scott: If you were stranded alone on an island with only one book, what would it be?

AmyWreck This Journal– Because I desperately need to be creative. This would keep me busy for a while. One of my fav things to work on.

Amazon ImageA quick note about Wreck This Journal, I checked it out on Amazon and thought it was so cool, I just HAD to buy a copy! It’s such a great  idea for an interactive book/journal, especially if you want to cut loose and get a little crazy while also stimulating creativity and having loads of fun. People are doing such creative things with their copy. Go to Amazon and check out the images people have uploaded. Some crazy-fun stuff! So check it out and join the movement.

What inspirational or motivational podcasts are you listening to lately?
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