I’m Scott Milford and I am a former mental health counselor for at-risk youth. For 20 years, I’ve coached teens and adults skills that lead to greater happiness and personal fulfillment. I have been working with individuals and small groups providing behavioral education, motivational training and personalized best self-help practices. I’m passionate about helping people make the connection between the way they think and act, and how that affects the quality of their lives. The people who will most benefit from Behavior and Motivation are those who are open to new ideas and are eager to make changes in their lives.

Think about a time when you heard something new that made you pay attention; something that was a radical departure from your normal way of thinking but that you instantly recognized the simple truth contained within it, which is what really caught your attention.

The impact of hearing the right words at the right time can make an incredible difference in your life. Understanding how the puzzle pieces of behavior and motivation fit together to make the picture of your life can radically change that picture from one of stress and restriction to peace and freedom. Knowing how to make small changes that have a big impact on your life can transform you from barely having enough energy to get through the day to being completely motivated to pursue something you’re passionate about.

Helping you do this is my goal. But the truth is, I can’t change you or your life. What I can do is offer you tools, insights, ideas and possibly the right words at the right time so that you can change your life. I intend for this blog to be a mutual conversation between us. Don’t be shy; connect with me and tell me what challenges you are facing or what topics you would like to read about. Your input and feedback will shape the content of this blog. Please remember, however, that private emails will remain private; public comments will be viewable to all readers.

About Links Used On This Blog

This blog is a part of my business, New Mind Insight, LLC. Why? Because I would like to help people as my primary job. Right now, I’m just doing this on the side. It’s a labor of love. But in an effort to make this my full-time career, I sometimes use affiliate links for some of the products I write about. But I don’t want this to ever seem sleazy or like I’m promoting products just to make money. So here’s the deal; you should assume that any link you click is probably an affiliate link if it leads to a product. But my promise to you is that I will never, EVER promote or endorse a product that I haven’t used, researched thoroughly, or trust and believe in. I value you far too much to risk losing your trust by ruthlessly promoting everything under the sun for the sake of money. If I’m ever off track, please tell me and I will make every reasonable effort correct this.

Finally, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you being here right now. Thanks for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate it.