Drive the Speed Limit & Win Money – The Fun Theory

Here is yet another brilliant example of how to motivate people to change their behavior! Pay attention to what the folks at Volkswagen are doing. They are changing the behavior game. If you want to understand motivation in a whole new way, watch and learn. What about you? Are you having trouble figuring out how to motivate a group of people? Leave a comment to share your challenge and maybe we all can brainstorm some ideas? Let's have a little fun here. … [Read more...]

Motivation for the Frustrated, Miserable, or Stuck

For some, it dawned on them slowly over a long time. For others, it hit them like a brick to the face. Suddenly, you realize just how far off track you are in life compared to where you thought you would be by now. Maybe you're frustrated about all the games you have to play at work, just to make it through the week. Maybe you're miserable due to some relationship issue that is dogging you. Maybe you're just bored and feel like you're stuck in a rut where every day seems the same. Well, you're … [Read more...]