Stop Letting People Down

Ever feel like you can't seem to come through on your promises? Do people say that you're not dependable? Do you feel like everybody wants something but you just can't keep up with all the requests for help? When I was just out of high school, I went through a phase where I was constantly letting people down. I was making promises and not keeping them. I didn't do it on purpose, but it kept happening anyway. I had the best intentions every time I made a promise, but the reality was, I just … [Read more...]

How to Apologize

Say, "I'm sorry." That's it. You can reword it, or put more emphasis, such as by saying, "I apologize." or "I'm really sorry." But basically, that's how to say it. And if I say anything else, nothing more can really be added to that. Two words: "I'm", and "sorry". Say it, mean it, and live it. Okay, obviously, there's more to say about it than that. Not in the wording, of course, because you can say it in whatever way works for you. But the basic wording will essentially be the same. So what … [Read more...]

How To Say “No”

I was fresh out of high school and ready to take on life. The world seemed extra bright and teeming with people, places and things to do...too many things to do. I've always tried to be a dependable person, but I learned that when people can count on you, they're more likely to ask for favors. While I enjoy helping people when they're in need, this can also become a burden, if not handled thoughtfully. Knowing that I was someone people turned to when they didn't feel they had anyone else they … [Read more...]