Strategy for Reducing or Removing Emotional Pain

Do you feel like your life is killing you slowly? Maybe you're not happy with your job or how a relationship is going. Maybe you're stressed out due to money issues or a sick family member. You might feel like your life is not your own. Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed because there's always more running around to do, or places to be. You may feel like the only down-time you get is when you sleep...if you sleep. Not all pain in life is physical and obvious. Finding the source of physical … [Read more...]

Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders

Do you feel exhausted? Are you overwhelmed by your obligations? Do you sometimes feel like you're going to explode? Many people feel like they're carrying around a huge weight on their shoulders. It can make you feel frazzled, depressed and desperate for a change. When you're always on the go, constantly trying to hit deadlines, and trying to do a million things at once, it puts an awful lot of pressure on you to meet or exceed everybody's expectations. It's no wonder you feel so burdened. … [Read more...]