Drive the Speed Limit & Win Money – The Fun Theory

Here is yet another brilliant example of how to motivate people to change their behavior! Pay attention to what the folks at Volkswagen are doing. They are changing the behavior game. If you want to understand motivation in a whole new way, watch and learn. What about you? Are you having trouble figuring out how to motivate a group of people? Leave a comment to share your challenge and maybe we all can brainstorm some ideas? Let's have a little fun here. … [Read more...]

The Surest Way to Improve Your Intimate Relationships

Everyone wants great relationships. In fact, if you're having trouble in a relationship, you're more likely to be unsatisfied with your life, even if everything else is going wonderfully. If you've struggled with finding Mr. Right, or the girl of your dreams, you may be focused on the wrong things. So what, then, are the right things to focus on? As much as I would love to give you a long list of what I think you need to focus on in order to have a better relationship with that special man or … [Read more...]

Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders

Do you feel exhausted? Are you overwhelmed by your obligations? Do you sometimes feel like you're going to explode? Many people feel like they're carrying around a huge weight on their shoulders. It can make you feel frazzled, depressed and desperate for a change. When you're always on the go, constantly trying to hit deadlines, and trying to do a million things at once, it puts an awful lot of pressure on you to meet or exceed everybody's expectations. It's no wonder you feel so burdened. … [Read more...]

Great Potential Hidden Behind Great Obstacles

Are you any different than the people showcased in this video? Nobody is perfect...we all have flaws and we all make mistakes. But all of these people shared a very important trait: they never quit trying! … [Read more...]

Motivation to Lose Weight & Exercise, Part 7: Summary

There's still a lot that is unknown about motivation because there are an infinite number of variables. But there's also a lot that isn't so mysterious anymore. What trips people up when starting a diet or trying to get regular exercise is often the same kind of things that get in the way of achieving any goal. This series is designed primarily to answer the call from so many people who ask, "How can I stay motivated to lose weight?" or "How can I finally stick to a diet?" or even, "How can I … [Read more...]

Motivation to Lose Weight & Exercise, Part 6: Exercise Strategies

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and now it's come down to this. As if starting a new diet and sticking with it isn't usually hard enough, now it's time to talk about the "E" word. I know, I know, exercise is about as much fun as a root canal, right? Not so fast! Perhaps we've all been mislead? Maybe there's a better strategy for exercise, just like there is for starting a diet. In fact, there is! But before I jump into this, I want to put exercise in its proper context. Exercise … [Read more...]

Motivation to Lose Weight & Exercise, Part 5: More Diet Strategies

In the last article, I shared the No-Resistance Diet Strategy. If that's not the easiest way (ever!) to start a diet, I'll eat your zero-calorie hat. I think the benefits of starting a diet slowly are pretty obvious. I like to think of it as a way to start eating healthy by NOT eating healthy. Even though you're actually eating some healthy foods, you still get to have your cake and eat it too! This plan allows you to smoothly merge into healthier eating without feeling deprived, without feeling … [Read more...]

Motivation to Lose Weight & Exercise, Part 4: Diet Strategies

Before I introduce the easiest way (ever!) to start a diet and stay on it, I want to make something very clear. Your success in sticking to a diet to lose weight depends on how easy it is to keep yourself eating more healthy foods than unhealthy foods. That's common sense, right? But inevitably, you're going to face weak moments where you could give in to temptation and eat something you shouldn't. But why does this happen? The path of least resistance Imagine a river that's near the … [Read more...]