The Unofficial Guide to Motivation: Invitation-Only Sign-Up

ATTENTION: The sign-up period for Early Readers had ended.
 Thank you for your interest.

Welcome to this Invitation-Only special sign-up page!

You are probably here because I sent you a personal invitation to sign up to be an early reader for The Unofficial Guide to Motivation (abridged edition). And though this edition of the ebook is not quite ready, I hope you consider signing up (see below) to be an early reader. The first round of early readers will be a relatively small group. The abridged edition draft you will be reading is not the final draft, which is why I’m looking for some early readers. If you decide to enter your email address below, here is what I’ll be expecting from you:

  • Your first impressions of the book.
  • Questions about anything that was confusing or didn’t make sense to you.
  • You’ll let me know if you think anything was missing or not covered.
  • You’ll give me a “testimonial” about how you used the book and how it helped you stay motivated to accomplish a specific goal or objective…
  • …or “Praise” for The Unofficial Guide to Motivation.

I prefer testimonials because those are the best kind of praise and validation for the material. However, if you don’t feel that you can endorse the book with a testimonial or with praise, please tell me how I can improve it so it will meet your expectations.

The Unofficial Guide to Motivation is intended to not only give you tips on how to get motivated, it will teach you about the mechanics of motivation so that you can design your own strategies for your specific needs. This is a pre-final version which means the final version will be shaped by your input. If you have any questions, just email me and I’ll be happy to help. Just use this contact form.

Eventually, I’ll open up more early readers slots, but for now, it’s by invitation only and there will only be a small group of readers. I hope you decide to subscribe and be a part of my small team of early readers.

With Gratitude,