The Unofficial Guide to Motivation


The Free abridged edition of The Unofficial Guide to Motivation, by Scott Milford, is now available and you can download it without giving me your email address or jumping through flaming hoops.

The Unofficial Guide to Motivation
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The Unofficial Guide to Motivation is intended to not only give you tips on how to get motivated, it will teach you about the mechanics of motivation so that you can design your own strategies for your specific needs.

This abridged edition includes some of the best material taken directly from the full, unabridged edition that will go on sale later this year.

This ebook will teach you…

  • How to shift into powerful thinking that will help you achieve your goals.
  • How to change your routine and habits to stay more motivated.
  • How to create an unlimited supply of enthusiasm!
  • Strategies for avoiding common problems that kill motivation and halt progress.
  • How to instantly change your life with a single decision.
  • How to use accountability to almost guarantee the achievement of any goal.
  • Practical tips that work in the real world!



What People are Saying:

“Scott Milford’s book, The Unofficial Guide to Motivation, is a must read for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. Scott presents timeless information in a way that makes us feel as if we’re reading it for the first time. The Unofficial Guide to Motivation inspired me — and I’m sure it will inspire you too!” – Gail Lynne Goodwin, Founder,

“Motivation is key to success. Those who achieve their highest goals understand how to master their motivation. Scott has written a concise guide to harnessing your motivation and, as a result, reaching your highest dreams.” – Jason Van Orden, Co-Founder, Internet Business Mastery

“If you are looking for a practical, easy-to-read, get-to-the-point and, most important, applicable book that can help you to motivate yourself to evolve into a more satisfied, self-contained person, your quest is over! You have found it, finally! Scott has created a miracle. Just start reading, don’t miss even one precious minute! It will change your mind, your thinking, your attitude. It will invite you on a journey to a better self, beginning from the first page. Don’t hesitate, get yourself going right on the spot, you won’t regret it, I did not either. This is outstanding! Well done!” – Robert H., Cologne, Germany

“I recommend to anyone who is struggling with failed results in achieving goals to read this book. I recommend to anyone who is thinking about achieving goals and isn’t sure how to start, read this book. I recommend to anyone who wants to help another, share this book. I guess what I’m saying — ‘I recommend this book!'” – Nick L.

“For someone looking for a pick-me-up and courage to take on a new endeavor, this is the place to start!” – Amy G.

“Scott, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Unofficial Guide to Motivation. The readability of the book is outstanding, and the slow-but-steady theory/call-to-action is a great positive, especially for procrastinators like me. The 30-day Challenge and your own personal experiences made the reading very much more personal, almost as if we were having a conversation. Thank you.” – Steve S.

“Scott Milford’s ‘The Unofficial Guide to Motivation’ is a self-help book that contains strategies that actually work. Scott gets into his subject immediately…no introducing it gradually as if you needed a definition or history of the word “motivation”. His writing is clear, concise, and to the point. The reader soon realizes Scott has “been there, done that” and knows what works from personal experience. He addresses the importance of how our thinking affects our actions, and how to discover what’s stopping us from accomplishing our goals. Whether you are trying to conquer an addiction (smoking, overeating) or putting off cleaning the house, he gives specific step-by-step procedures for getting where you want to go. He even tells you how to engender the enthusiasm for following your plan to improve your life. His book should be a part of everyone’s library and read many times over.”  – Erni H.

“I think The Unofficial Guide to Motivation will give the reader the blueprint and motivation they need to make the changes they’ve been desiring to make. The first 2 articles alone are enough to radically change someone’s life. (Change your thinking and your daily actions and you’ll change your life)!!” – Jeffery S.

“I wish to thank you so very much for sharing The Unofficial Guide to Motivation with me. I truly enjoyed reading it and will continue to read as I can. I gained some perspective and insight from it all. Thank you, Scott.” – Tina S.

“This book is a great guide for anyone who wants to start a journey or get back on the right path. I was left feeling motivated and have actually started to take action on some personal things as a result of the reminders/content of this book.” – Craig P.

“I found Scott Milford’s book inspiring in how it takes complicated issues of everyday life and helps simplify them into easy-to-understand choices, then gives an easy-to-follow plan to achieve ones goals. When one has simple choices, motivation is easy to find!” – Eric H.